Investor FAQ

    • What is GSI Technology’s stock symbol and where do its shares trade?
      • The company’s common stock trades on Nasdaq’s Global Market under the symbol GSIT.

    • When was the company’s initial public offering?
      • GSI’s shares began trading on March 29, 2007 after an offering of 6.1 million shares sold at $5.50 per share by the company.

    • When is GSI’s year-end?
      • GSI’s fiscal year ends each March 31. The company reports financial results subsequent to each quarter ending June 30, September 30, December 31, and March 31.

    • Does GSI pay a dividend?
      • No, the company does not pay a stock or cash dividend on its common shares and anticipates future earnings will be reinvested in the company.

    • Has the company instituted a stock repurchase program?
      • On November 6, 2008, the Board of Directors authorized the repurchase, at management’s discretion, of up to $10 million of the Company’s common stock. Under the repurchase program, the Company may repurchase shares from time to time on the open market or in private transactions. The specific timing and amount of the repurchases will be dependent on market conditions, securities law limitations and other factors. The repurchase program may be suspended or terminated at any time without prior notice. 

    • Can I purchase GSI shares direct from the company?
      • No, to invest in GSI individuals should contact a licensed stockbroker of their own choosing. GSI cannot recommend a broker.

    • Who is GSI’s Transfer Agent?
      • Computershare Investor Services
        P.O. Box 43078
        Providence, RI 02940-3078

    • Whom should I contact to replace to lost or destroyed stock certificate?
      • We suggest individuals contact GSI’s Transfer Agent to replace a certificate or locate misplaced shares.

    • Whom should I contact about my address change?
      • Contact either your stockbroker or the Transfer Agent.